Mar 18
Naming and Clearing the Hurdles

SOUTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATS MEET POST NATIONAL RALLIES TO PLOT FUTURE For immediate Release January 27, 2017 Contact: Catherine Bruce, 803-521-2057 or Beverly Frierson, 803.736.6136 South…

Mar 18
Confab announcement

After the national Women’s March that was held on January 17, 2017, some of us who attended Saturday’s Rally and Strategy Summit (in Columbia, hosted…

Mar 18
National meeting in Atlanta

Today, February 25, 2017, a new Democratic National Committee chair will be elected at the Winter meeting in Atlanta. Rest assured that, whoever becomes the…

Mar 18
Honoring Rep. Joseph Neal

Members of the Just Democrats leadership team are very proud to have known and worked with the late Honorable Joseph H. Neal for many years….

Mar 18
New logo and monogram

We have a new logo and monogram! Thank you to Devon Hicks, graphic designer.

Mar 18
Special elections launch and training announced

Just Democrats, a newly organized South Carolina based statewide coordinated group, will go *all out* to support the Dem who emerges victorious from his or…

Mar 18
Rural caucus summit

Just Democrats leadership team member Ernest Boston, Jr. at the 2017 Rural Caucus Summit of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Other team members participating and…

Mar 18
New pop-up banner arrives

The new banner is HERE for Just Democrats! Our website will be up in time for the March 19 event at Brookland Baptist Church in…

Mar 18
Candidates Media Opportunity

Democratic Candidates News Media interview availability, March 19 Just Democrats, a South Carolina-based coordinating group, will host an opportunity for news media to conduct interviews…


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Seat Sometime this week, we anticipate the US House seat of Rep. Mick Mulvaney to be vacant, once his confirmation process for a position with the Trump Administration is completed. Starting on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14, 2017, we are change the game, using old fashioned, ‘mano to mano’ methods of engaging inactive, infrequent and disengaged voters in our state.

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