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Hello, South Carolina – Hello, America – Hello, world! We are a newly formed independent coordinating working group, starting statewide in South Carolina. Some of us were Bernie supporters. Some were Hillary supporters. Some were O’Malley supporters. Now we are JUST DEMOCRATS, working together to create a stronger, better, more inclusive Democratic Party.

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Regardless of who is chairing the Democratic Party nationwide, and regardless of who leads our state party, the Democratic Party is what WE make it. Our tools, resources and strength make us the best chance to overturn the Trump agenda. To do this, we must hold our Party leadership, our elected officials and ourselves accountable.

We aren’t throwing anyone away, we aren’t pushing anyone out. We are open to new and longtime Democrats, black and white, old and young – together we will forge a stronger party.

No Democrat will be left behind.


Activists responded to the Trump Administration agenda with sister events to the January 2017 Women’s March in Washington, including a sister march and strategy summit in Columbia. During this event and others, some of us noticed the now-familiar refrain: a de-legitimizing of electoral politics in general and of the Democratic Party in particular. Four active members of the Democratic Party met briefly afterward. We decided to host an event that would focus on the critical role of our Party in this crucial political moment, and the need to highlight ways that the party could be even more effective.

The first event launched by Just Democrats was a “confab” after the women’s rally. We packed a full house with a standing room only event, drawing participants from several counties in South Carolina.

We concluded that in addition to the energy of rallies, marches, and targeted actions in response to the Trump agenda, we need to start a strong electoral project NOW to gain the numbers of voters needed to win a Democratic majority, both on Capitol Hill and here at home, in South Carolina.

We need to reconstruct and revitalize the Democratic Party by focusing on attracting and empowering grassroots citizens and newly engaged people who desire a strong, inclusive engine that will help us make a difference.

We need the Democratic Party to ramp up voter engagement and civic participation.
On the national level, we need to prevent Republicans from gaining a supermajority in state legislatures and in Congress.
We need an independent non-corporate grass

roots group of committed Democrats to organize ongoing outreach to diverse constituencies: women, men, African Americans, Latino Americans, LGBTs, moderates, older voters, working people, Native Americans, immigrants, voters under 40, progressives, and more.

These needs brought JUST DEMOCRATS into being.

Become activists in the South Carolina Democratic Party

We need your help to encourage your fellow Americans to rejoin the fight for our country, our constitution and our civil rights. We need you to invite them, face to face, door to door, to join us as activists in the streets *and* as active members of the Democratic Party. We will also notify you of local actions that challenge policies of the Trump Administration. Join any of these, and share them with your contacts. We’ll transform infrequent voters into committed Democratic Party voters; register and engage new voters.

In 2018, with their help and yours, we will change the balance of power both in the State House and in Congress. With your help, they will join us in our movement and electoral politics to make change.

What do we support?

We will support the efforts of the South Carolina Democratic Party and its county party organizations to run candidates for office and to organize its precincts.
We will support 2017 efforts by Democrats in other states to capture more seats in Congress, governor’s seats and state house races. We will ask them to form a national coalition with us, to partner with us in our South Carolina effort by reaching out from their states to help us win our races here at home.

If you are ready to get on the battlefield with us, please keep up with us by signing up on this web page TODAY. We are a shoestring operation now, but we will let you know when we are ready to grow through fundraising.

Thanks, and we will see you in the field!


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Help us win the Congressional District 5 Seat

Seat Sometime this week, we anticipate the US House seat of Rep. Mick Mulvaney to be vacant, once his confirmation process for a position with the Trump Administration is completed. Starting on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14, 2017, we are change the game, using old fashioned, ‘mano to mano’ methods of engaging inactive, infrequent and disengaged voters in our state.

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