It's a big world.
Lets change it.


As you most likely know by now, my name is Devon Hicks and I’m a UX/UI Designer and Front End Engineer. What you may not know is that I’m currently on a mission to take over the universe with a combination of cookies and an annoying dedication to creating remarkable experiences. So give me a challenge, push my boundaries, I dare you.

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My Manifesto

Do no evil

Every project that I take on should only have a positive impact on the world. Whether it's a simple Wordpress conversion or a full blown application, let's not make the world any twisted than it already is.

Knowledge is power

The development world changes rapidly, and it's essential not to buy into the hype of trendy products while also leveraging the amazing advances made by the community. My approach brings together time tested tools and new frameworks for forward-looking products with stable foundations.

Always eat cookies

In my mind, a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie is the key to a succesful day. If you can consume a dozen in a single sitting, you're on your way to achieving big things in life.

Have a blast

Our time here is limited, and we should embrace every moment. I love hard work, but I also love hard work that involves copious amounts of fun. Lets get things done, but why not enjoy it?

Services & Such

Development is a a collaborative process, with many moving parts and decisions, many of them complex in nature. It's my goal to make that process better for my clients and their companies, to involve them in the process so that their voice is heard and they have a true understanding of how things work. Partnering with me for your project means gain someone who truly cares about your company and your goals. It's an adventure that results in new friendships, new lessons learned, and most importantly, remarkable products.

Some of my specialties
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I'm currently taking both freelance clients and am seeking a full time engineering position! Simply use the form to the right to get in touch, or email me directly at to get a conversation started about your project.